Did you know that the world produces approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year? Half the plastic waste comes from single-use products, such as plastic bottles and plastic cutlery, used just once and then discarded. Now more than ever, we must respond to this global problem and make a better choice.

At Palmade, we're committed to bringing innovative and locally developed solutions that make it easy for our communities to adopt eco-friendly products and reshape our future.


In 2014, we started collecting the discarded date palm leaves around our neighbourhood with the ambition of turning them into paper products that could replace plastic items such as paper bags and stationery. After experimenting for four years, we joined forces with young students at the UAE University in Al Ain to expand our work into a new area: bioplastics.


By 2019, we successfully developed a new biodegradable material that proved to be an effective alternative to single-use plastics. We then took a deep breath – and registered our company.


As a local business, we believe that we can develop our solutions right here in the UAE using available resources and local talent. Our journey from a backyard workshop to unveiling our innovation at Expo 2020 Dubai is testimony to the willingness and growing demand of our community for homegrown sustainable products.


When you purchase our products, you become a leader in this transition and a part of the story. Join the growing number of hotels, restaurants and food outlets offering their guests more than just biodegradable cutlery, but a moment of curiosity and pride.

Lamis Alhashimy & Yousuf Caires, Co-Founders

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